Wanderlust Chloe...

... on favourite spots and best moments in Saxony.

What were your first impressions of Saxony?

I really loved how varied our trip to Saxony was! We kicked off our trip in style, feasting on amazing cheese in the world’s most beautiful dairy – Pfunds Molkerei in Dresden. We visited in summer and had great weather in Dresden. I really enjoyed exploring the city on foot and taking photos of the city’s spectacular architecture, as well as getting to know the quirky streets Neustadt. There’s a lot to love about this city ...

Dresden Neustadt


Then it was off to Saxon Switzerland, where we encountered a whole different side to the region – one of nature, countryside and epic landscapes. I couldn’t believe the views around Bastei. It really is an incredible place, and I still look back at the photos all the time! 

Saxon Switzerland

What are your top 5 things to see and do in Saxony?

1. Walk across the Bastei Bridge
2. Explore Dresden’s trendy Neustadt 
3. Climb the tower of Dresden Frauenkirche
4. Learn about the region’s history with a trip to Königstein Fortress (and take thousands of photos of the views!)
5. Eat your bodyweight in cheese at Pfunds Molkerei in Dresden


Where do you think is the best viewpoint in Saxony? 

I loved the viewpoint of the Bastei Bridge from Neurathen Castle (Felsenburg Neurathen). We discovered it by chance while out hiking in the region, finding a series of walkways between the rocks that took us to some awesome panoramic spots. I’d definitely recommend following in our footsteps. 

Saxon Switzerland

Where would you like to visit next in Saxony and why? 

I’ve never been to Leipzig, but friends have said it’s a great city! I’d also love to spend more time around the River Elbe, so perhaps a nice long hike along the river, taking in the views of the rock formations in Saxon Switzerland.


Of all the places you visited, where would you like to return to? 

I’d love to return to the Bastei Bridge and see it in the winter months. I’ve seen photos of it covered in snow and it looks totally magical – like something from Narnia. That would be a dream day out with my camera, so long as I took gluhwein in a flask for when it gets a bit cold! 

Saxon Switzerland

Thank you very much, Chloe! We hope to welcome you back in Saxony soon.

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