Town of Meissen near Dresden

Heather on her Travels ...

... talks about her Saxony highlights and tells us what’s on the list for her next visit.

Heather, what were your first impressions of Saxony?

We found the countryside in this region of Germany was so pretty to drive through, with a scenic and unspoiled feel, yet there's so much to see and do. There are so many fascinating palaces, castles (right: Moritzburg Castle) and museums that it really is a culture lover's dream!

Moritzburg Castle near Dresden

What are your top things to see and do in Saxony? 

I think that Saxony makes an ideal destination for touring around by car for a short break, as we did over a few days. The top highlights for us were:
- Strolling through Dresden to see some of the beautiful Baroque architecture and dip into the many museums. It's unbelievable that so much of the city was destroyed by the bombings of WW2 and yet the city has been rebuilt to restore the historic buildings to their original appearance...

Dresden Zwinger

...a visit to...

...the pretty town of Meissen and especially the Meissen Porcelain Museum. The 'white gold' was a luxurious symbol of wealth in the past and it was wonderful to be able to see the amazing craftsmanship of some of the porcelain painters at work on our tour...

Meissen porcelain manufactory

...and last but not least...

- Taking a winery tour and then drinking the wine among the vineyards over lunch at the Schloss Wackerbarth winery. It's such a gorgeous setting, with the wine terraces surrounding the elegant manor house - we could see why it's such a popular wedding venue...and...
- Pretending to be Cinderella at Schloss Moritzburg, with its fairy tale setting on a lake. The castle is so romantic and I enjoyed trying to make my foot slip into the Cinderella slipper on the garden steps that was installed as a reminder of the Cinderella movie that was filmed there.

Wackerbarth Castle winery near Dresden

Where do you think is the best viewpoint in Saxony? 

A stroll along the Brühl's Terrace in Dresden gives you a wonderful view over the River Elbe and takes in many of the beautiful Baroque buildings that line this river walk. It's known as the Balcony of Europe and you can imagine all the people who have promenaded along this terrace since it was made open to the public in the 18th century. If you take a river trip on one of the historic paddle steamers you'd also get a wonderful view of Dresden from the water, especially at dusk when the historic buildings are lit up.

Dresden, Bruhl's terrace

Where would you like to visit next in Saxony and why?  

On my next visit I would definitely go hiking around the area of Saxon Switzerland. It's easy to visit from Dresden and the rocky peaks rising out of the forest look so mysterious and photogenic. It could be a wonderful place to visit for walking in the autumn, when the trees are starting to turn golden. 

Saxon Switzerland

Of all the places you visited, where would you like to return to?

I'd love to spend a little more time in Dresden, exploring more of the cultural highlights. We only had a short time there and I had no idea there was so much to see! It would be fun to visit a few more of the fantastic museums and galleries and to spend some time in the Neustadt part of the city where there are some street art murals that would be an interesting alternative to the Baroque highlights.  

Dresden New Town

Thank you very much for sharing those impressions with us, Heather! We are looking forward to your next visit to Saxony very much!

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