BudgetTraveller Kash...

... on real eye openers and wonderful memories of Saxony.

Kash, how often have you and Sabrina been to Saxony?

We’ve been a few times now, mainly to Leipzig and Dresden. We did a very cool storytelling project around the musical heritage of Leipzig back in 2017. Earlier we visited Dresden in late 2016 when we had just started dating. So we have very fond memories of Dresden and the region. I can still remember the epic hangover from all those delicious White Russians we had in Lebowski Bar. Our last and most recent trip to the region, visiting Meissen, Bautzen and Görlitz was also a real eye opener to the amazing diversity of history, architecture and culture that exists within the region.

What surprised you most when visiting Saxony for the first time?

I was surprised how well preserved Dresden was despite the destruction it suffered in World War 2.  The old town has this very fairytale and dreamy quality which for me makes it one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. I really enjoyed wandering and get lost in the old town. I love how it also contrasts with the grungier, more alternative Neustadt - it’s like visiting 2 cities in one vacation. You always remember your first meal and for me it was the classic saxon potato soup at Aha, a fair trade store and café. Whenever I’m back in Dresden, I always head there first for my potato soup.

What would you recommend your friends for a Saxony visit?

I would definitely recommend to start off with a visit to Dresden and also explore the amazing history on the doorstep. Visit the stunning Moritzburg Palace, hop on a steam train and take a journey back in time on the Radebeul–Radeburg Railway plus finish off with some wine tasting at the fabulous Schloss Wackerbarth.

Wackerbarth Castle

Why is Saxony also a hotspot for film buffs? 

Because you can for example do a whole roadtrip through Saxony based on the filming locations for Wes Anderson's masterpiece, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Start off in Görlitz, where the abandoned Görlitz Warenhaus Department Store was the setting for the Grand Budapest Hotel. When in Dresden, don’t forget to visit the Pfunds Molkerei, a famous 19th Century creamery in Dresden which was the setting for the interior scenes at Mendl’s confectionary shop.  The exterior of Madame D.’s palatial home is actually the 18th Century Castle Hainewalde which is located on the bank of the River Mandau in Saxony. Plus the wedding scene in the movie was filmed on the viewing platform of the Basteibrücke Bridge the the hauntingly beautiful Saxon Switzerland.

What do you really want to see again during your next visit?  

I was fascinated by Görlitz - it feels really like a city stuck in time. Globalisation never arrived here. I loved it. There are no hipster cafes nor hipsters in sight. It is also architecturally one of Europe’s most unique cities. There are 4000 listed buildings within the city. To give you some context, Berlin has only 1500 listed buildings. I’d love to spend some more time, wandering through this city and hop over to Zgorzelec, the Polish half of the city.


What have you not been able to visit yet and definitely want to see once you return?

I’ve never visited Saxon Switzerland! I’m quite mesmerised by the amazing rock formations - almost seem from another world. Sabrina keeps on raving how beautiful it is - it was the first place she visited in Saxony. I am very curious to visit there soon, hopefully later in the summer.

Saxon Switzerland

Thank you so much, Kash! We hope you'll soon be able to return to Saxony!

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