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What were your first impressions of Saxony?

What I loved about Saxony was having a city break and a countryside break all in one trip. I really enjoyed exploring Dresden and taking photos of all the beautiful buildings, but I also loved getting out into the countryside and hiking the Bastei Bridge. This is such a stunning region in Germany and the hiking here is some of the best in Europe.

Dresden Zwinger

What are your top 5 things to see and do in Saxony?

1. Go hiking in Bastei
2. Eat at the Bastei Berghotel with the most incredible views
3. Visit the mighty Königstein Fortress
4. Pay your respects at the Church of Our Lady in Dresden
5. Eat some traditional German cuisine in Dresden

Dresden Frauenkirche

Where do you think is the best viewpoint in Saxony? 

For me, I really enjoyed the view from Königstein Fortress. This is a hilltop fortress with gorgeous views of the River Elbe and the surrounding countryside. It's one of the largest fortresses in Europe and it's an amazing place to visit, especially for the views. There are some nice restaurants here, too.  

Königstein Fortress Saxon Switzerland

Where would you like to visit next in Saxony and why? 

I would love to spend a lot longer hiking around the Bastei. I've already written about hiking the Bastei Bridge, but I would love to do some other hikes in the area. I felt like there's a lot I didn't discover and I'd love to explore all this region has to offer. 

Saxon Switzerland

Of all the places you visited, where would you like to return to? 

Good question! I've heard the food scene is really good in Dresden, so I'd love to eat my way through the city if I had my chance again. It's just such a beautiful city to wander around - it's very easy to see why this is one of the top places to visit in Germany!

Pfunds Molkerei Dresden

Thank you very much for these insights, Macca! Hopefully your return to Saxony will be in the near future.

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